I had been having minor but consistent pain in my supraspinatus muscle in my left shoulder for over a year. I had one treatment with the RJ Physiolaser in July 2012. Within one week the pain slowly and subtlety disappeared. I have been pain free for over a month now. My second treatment with the RJ Physiolaser was on the tendon that joins the hips and passes through the groin. This tendon was in pain while jogging. Once again within one week of the treatment the pain disappeared. I highly recommend treatment with the RJ Physiolaser.

Just to let you know, I am getting FANTASTIC results with musculoskeletal issues. I am over the moon pleased. I would like to share.

A 89-year old woman. Can hardly walk because her knees are so degenerated. Doctors say she needs knee replacements, but won’t give her the operation because of her age and medications. Her daughter brings her to me for the first time, hoping for pain relief. Daughter doesn’t want needles, so I suggest laser. After one treatment, her pain goes from a 10 to a zero, stays there for a few days, and slowly creeps up to a 4 or 5 and stays there. She is coming every 2 weeks for pain relief now. This is LASER ONLY. No needles. Wow!

Another patient of mine has chronic shoulder tendonopathy. With acupuncture over several months, we have brought the pain down from a 7-8 to a 2-3. But it plateaued because there is so much degeneration. No more improvement. ONE laser treatment, and the pain is totally gone. For a month. It held.

Another patient who has arthritis in the thumb joint, severe pain, and she is constantly aggravating because she is a dental hygienist (hold tools). My German Auricular Medicine treatment brought it from a 10 to a 4, but it keeps going up because of aggravation so needs constant treatment. ONE LASER treatment and it is down to a 2 and HELD there for a month with no treatment even though she was working lots.

My patients are thrilled, and so am I. I am finding that one laser treatment equals several acupuncture treatments. And the results HOLD.

So I am so very happy with my purchase. You are selling a fantastic product.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

I just wanted to comment that the laser worked amazing on my bad hip and my bad foot. After 5 days I do have a little discomfort in both but they are vastly improved over how they were when I came in to see you. I had plantar fasciitis and I was in a lot of pain I had been going to massage therapy and also physio and taking an anti-inflammatory and everything was helping but [I was] still in a lot of pain. I went to see Dr. Lisa Weleschuk and she put the laser on my bad hip and foot joint for 11 minutes and the pain is almost gone; it was really quite amazing. I only take the anti-inflammatory at night now and I am very impressed with the results. I might even be able to stop the anti-inflammatory medication soon.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the purchase of my RJ PhysioLaser System and here are a few anecdotal case reports to demonstrate what this machine is capable of.

The first case involved someone who fell and injured her PIP joint of her fourth finger on her right hand. The injury resulted in substantial swelling and restricted R.O.M. Manual Therapy, exercises and ultrasound had very little effect on the joints swelling and R.O.M. Six months after the injury there was still very little change. A one minute treatment by the R.J. laser machine resulted in a 50 per cent improvement. No other intervention was administered since she was receiving physiotherapy for an unrelated problem.

Another case involved myself. I had developed dizzy spells. Although they were mild and of short duration, they were becoming disconcerting because the symptoms were unchanged several weeks later. I suspected that the symptoms were originating from my neck. I decided to try a laser treatment to the upper posterior region of my neck with the cluster probe. The next day I noticed that I was no longer having dizzy spells. That was 6 months ago and the dizzy spells have not returned. There was no other treatment intervention involved.

Another example involved bilateral medial knee pain in an elderly woman. She had full passive knee R.O.M., no signs or symptoms of a meniscal tear. There was no trauma involved. There was tenderness along the medial joint line of the knee and not just over the MCLigament. Six treatments of physiotherapy with a protocol that usually gets impressive results even in severe arthritic knees did not result in any significant improvement. At this point I added a laser treatment with the cluster probe to the medial joint line of both knees. The client returned several days later stating that she did not feel she required any further treatments because the pain in both knees were almost completely resolved.

This final case report is a little less obvious as to what accomplished the final result. It involved a middle aged woman who was somewhat overweight with a torn Achilles tendon. She was attending physiotherapy to improve her pain and function while she waited for her surgery. The morning of her surgery she was lying on a gurney all prepped and waiting to go into the operating room when the orthopaedic surgeon came in to check on her. He examined the prepped Achilles tendon, noticed that there was substantial improvement in the condition of her tendon to the point that he declared he would not operate because he felt the surgery would not make any further improvements and advised the patient to continue with her physiotherapy. Her therapist was a junior associate and there was nothing remarkable about the therapy except maybe her laser treatments.

– Clifton Charie, Physiotherapist, Ottawa, Canada

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